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RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a four-day conference that will bring you rewards you never knew you could achieve. It will challenge you to make great new friends, learn to be a fantastic leader, and help you develop skills for all types of situations during your next steps in life.

We heard that you were the best of the best, the cream of the crop. That’s why your local Rotary club picked YOU! We can’t wait to meet you and include you in the terrific programs we have planned for RYLA this year.

When you come to the conference, you are going to meet a ton of people similar to you. Are you possibly an officer in your local Interact club? Maybe a class officer? How about a leader on your sports team or in your church group?

What makes you stand out from the crowd are unique gifts you have, and we want to help you use them to take one more important step in achieving all those dreams and goals you have set. We may even help you set some new ones you don’t know you have yet!

We have some of the best speakers and programs in the area coming to work with YOU on how to be a leader, hone your etiquette and interviewing skills, realize the power of community service, meet a great new group of people, run a productive and exciting meeting, and produce significant accomplishments with your own group, team or club. We also have a lot of fun stuff planned, like seeing a spectacular city and make new friends from all over North Florida.

Every year participants come to RYLA thinking it is going to be just another conference to place on their college application. While this award is a great honor, it is also can be a life-changing experience if you allow it. In the end, no one wants to leave; staff, counselors, and especially — YOU! It will truly change your life. Don’t believe us? See what some past RYLArian’s have said in our testimonials.

At the end of RYLA, we have so many participants asking to come back and you can, but not as a participant again. So make it worth it, make it memorable and make it COUNT! You can return and grow with us by applying to become one of our staff members as a junior counselor, counselor, or executive team member.

We can’t wait to meet you in June! It’s going to be a blast!