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At this moment, planning for next summer’s RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) conference is in high gear to make sure that this event once again tops all past RYLAs. We are determining the conference dates with Stetson University, click here for more information. We firmly believe that RYLA represents the District’s best value in providing critical direction to upcoming high school juniors and seniors at a crucial time in their formative development.

We provide a four-day overnight conference within an extraordinarily positive and supportive safe campus environment – engaging experienced and caring staff, we change our RYLArians lives forever by assisting them in defining their core values and augmenting their fundamental skills to succeed. Our program includes a wide range of leadership skills, the practice and value of community service, ethics, business and professional skills, etiquette and so much more! We stress the importance of the 4-Way Test and the foundation it provides in daily life. There are two things we cannot do – only you can provide financial support and the RYLArians themselves – only you can give a check and your high school students. It is essential that the Clubs, who are closest to these students, identify the most worthy students or those who would benefit the most from our program. So we definitely need your help!

We need these two things by the following dates:

January 1Club Pledge Form – Online Submission ONLY (filled out by the Club)
You will be billed $395 per pledge by the District after you complete the online form.

March 1RYLA Participant Submission Form – Online Submission ONLY (filled out by the Club) Please note: After your club submits this participant form, your selected participant will receive their packet via email shortly after. This packet must be notarized and completed upon return by April 1 in order for them to attend the conference.

All other forms will be emailed directly to the RYLArian after the Participant Submission Form is received. Please verify the email given is correctly typed and an active email.

Receiving the required information by the due dates above is critical to adequately plan and produce an ever-more fantastic RYLA for this year’s group. We have a goal of 100% participation from all of our District’s clubs – every club should sponsor at least one student. We are also shooting for at least 100 students, so clubs that can do so and already know the strength of our program, please consider sponsoring two or more students. A contribution is always helpful as well!

If you have any questions, please contact us. All our information is available on our contact us page. We certainly value your input, ideas, and involvement – so pass them along! And there are always opportunities for Rotarians from all clubs to get involved and make a difference.

We can’t wait for RYLA this summer! Don’t be the missing link. It all starts with you!